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Massage offer at the Landhotel Hauserbauer

Trust the hands of our masseur to get rid of tension, relieve stress or loosen the muscles after strenuous exercise in the nature of the Gastein Valley. A massage carried out professionally by sensitive hands promotes blood circulation and will relax body, mind and soul. Be it a relaxing full body massage, a sensual massage with valuable aromatic oils or a hot stone or herbal pouch treatment, the range of massages at the Landhotel Hauserbauer includes the right choice for anyone who wishes to be pampered. Afterwards, the cosy Alpine resting garden, water and hay beds invite you to let the pleasant touches set in.


Preventative against pain and helps to cope with stress. Effects a better blood circulation through the muscles, increases cell oxygenation, helps alleviate pain and contributes to your relaxation.


To relax the autonomic nervous system. Various body fluids such as lymph, venous blood and connective tissue fluids are made to flow.


A gentle massage with high-quality, essential oils, such as:

Wild rose oil (pampers the skin)

The oil of the wild rose Mosqueta, valuable jojoba oil and mild almond oil give the skin invigorating impulses, elasticity and suppleness. The skin appearance is positively influenced; the skin feels velvety smooth. The delicate and soft scent of rose blossoms has a calming and harmonising effect.

Lavender oil (relaxing skin care)

The mild essential oil, which is formed by lavender blossoms in the light of the Mediterranean sun, emanates a delicate fragrance that releases inner tensions and thus brings the soul and body into harmony. The balanced composition of fine almond oil and light sesame oil makes the skin soft and supple and supports its natural balance.

Birch cellulite oil (tightens the skin)

Birch cellulite oil is made from pure natural substances. This oil is obtained from sun-ripened seeds and fruits and is related to the lipid mantle of humans. The oil promotes the constructive, vital processes and natural regeneration of the skin. Plant oil rich in valuable vital substances, such as metabolism-active essential fatty acids, improves the structure and elasticity of the connective tissue. The skin feels smooth and supple. The smooth, pleasantly herbal and freshly scented product does not contain any synthetic fragrances, colours or preservatives and is free of mineral oil-based raw materials.


La Stone Therapy - deep relaxation and well-being through the power of the stones. In this holistic healing massage of the Arizona Native Americans, the whole body is first rubbed with ointment using essential oils and then treated with hot lava stones along the chakras (energy centres). As a result, the heat of the stones is transferred to the body and causes deep loosening of the muscles. By then alternating hot and cold stones, the metabolism is stimulated, tensions are relaxed and the entire body is detoxified and purified. The frequent change of temperature between hot and cold also invigorates the blood circulation and thus provides new energy and freshness. A treatment to feel good all around!


Pantai Luar means "Off to new shores". The unique herbal pouch massage from East Asia conveys a novel spa feeling. Brief warming stimuli by means of hot herbal pouches on the skin foster cell regeneration and renewal. The metabolism and blood circulation are strongly stimulated, which accelerates the discharge of waste products from the tissue. The fruit acid released from the pouches gently dissolves skin cells and dead skin cells. This increases the skin's absorbency - the oil and herbal or spice extracts can be absorbed by the skin in an optimal way.

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