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Paragliding in Gastein

experience paragliding IN GASTEIN

See the Gastein Valley from a different perspective. Many people dream of flying like a bird and Alois Grugger is happy to make this dream (nearly) come true. A tandem flight is suitable for anyone, even without any previous knowledge. Whether children or seniors, 20 kg or 130 kg – the thrill and fun is guaranteed during a tandem flight.

The Gastein Valley is a paradise for paragliders and hang-gliders. Use the perfect thermal conditions for a tandem flight!

What you need to take along? In summer, normal hiking clothes suffice, and skiing outfits in the winter.

Things kick off at Fulseck (2,033m). You can reach the starting point easily by cable car from Dorfgastein (830m). Alois will already be waiting for you on the mountain from where you can get going. The paraglider is carefully spread out and you will receive some instructions. Buckle up and the next step is “run!”...

There is a wide range of activities on offer, from sample flights to high altitude flights, super-altitude flights or thermal soaring flights - there is something for everyone. Let Alois advise you and sign up now

By the way: A tandem flight is also an ideal gift! (birthday, Christmas, confirmation...) 

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