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Snowshoe trail

Snowshoe hiking in Gastein from Fulseck (2,033m) to the Hauserbauer (1,080m above sea level)

Snowshoe hikes through the snow-covereD SALZBURG ALPs

You can rent snowshoes for free at our hotel and start your tour from Fulseck.

The ski bus takes you down to the valley station at Dorfgastein and you can then conveniently ascend to the top using the cable car. Once you’ve arrived at Fulseck you are still in the middle of the hustle and bustle of winter sports - but not for long…

Don't follow the crowd to the right but take the left path instead to the mountain station. Up there you can already see the "snowshoe trail signs", which you follow until you reach your destination safely. Take your time to enjoy the view a bit. From up there you can not only see the beautiful Gastein Valley but even our neighbouring community Grossarl. If the weather is nice, you can even see the Grossglockner mountain. Continue along the panoramic winter hiking trail towards Arltörl. Passing the chapel, the trail leads you through the forest, away from the slope and back to the mid station. Here you have the possibility to...

…take a comfortable break at the riders’ hut or

…finish the remaining mountain route with the lift or

…walk the entire way back to the hotel.

In this case, follow the slope between the mid station and riders’ hut and keep to your right after the narrow slope passage. A comfortable hiking trail leads back down past the garages of the snow groomers. Just cross the slope again, and then the gentle path continues. From the middle station, walk approx. 1 hour to the hotel. On the way there you will pass the Mühlwinkelhütte hut. After this hike you definitely deserve a break. Let the Gruber family spoil you for a bit and then commence the final part back to the hotel. Either you follow the path behind the Mühlwinkelhütte hut or head down the side of the slope as far as Heustadel and then along the hiking trail again. Back "at home", the spa area now offers relief for tired muscles.......

Or hike this trail directly from the hotel! You can fasten your snowshoes directly at the parking lot and then head out. Via the Mühlwinkelhütte hut to the middle station, then follow the snowshoe trail to Arltörl and along the panoramic winter hiking trail to the top of Fulseck. 

Don’t forget:

Always pack warm clothes!

Drink lots – best to pack warm tea (thermal bottles as well as tea are available at the hotel)

Pack your mobile phone and store the hotel’s telephone number.

Please respect the nature!

A different type of winter sports - no rush, no stress – that’s what a holiday should be like …