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Your hosts - Rohrmoser family


The Rohrmoser family welcomes you

Since 1990, Christine and Georg Rohrmoser have been pampering their guests at 1,080m above sea level. Whether in the kitchen, the rooms, the restaurant or at the reception - you will find the innkeepers everywhere and from morning to night they take care of their guests’ well-being. They run the Landhotel Hauserbauer with great passion and dedication.

Their two daughters Manuela and Alexandra grew up “amidst the bustle”. They enjoyed spending a wonderful, carefree childhood in the beautiful mountains. Surrounded by animals, farms and meadows - this is the dream of many children and parents. Today the two are a valuable support for Christine & Georg and it is impossible to imagine life without them.

The senior boss, affectionately called "Grandma" or "Anni" by all, still cares for the guests at the Hauserbauer at 84 years of age. But her great passion is/was the alpine hut. At 1,555m above sea level, you are simply a bit closer to God and "Grandpa".

Hildegard (Georg’s sister) and her husband Albin are not to be forgotten either. No matter where help is needed, they are always on site and help wherever they can. Most of the time, however, they mainly host the Gipflstadl- a ski hut inn at 2,033m above sea level.

You are only strong together. Thanks to the family unity and the active support of each individual employee, guests are able to spend an unforgettable holiday.